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Dental Dentures Immediate Dentures another option: Dentist pulls teeth out then wait for healing and Go to a Direct Denture maker

 Immediate dentures are all about putting dentures in your mouth straight after you have had your dental teeth out / extracted,the direct denture maker and the dentist can work as a team with one making the dentures the other pulling the teeth out. You can have all your teeth out and its called a full immediate denture or you can have a few teeth out and have a part immediate denture. An immediate denture or commonly known as false teeth are dentures that are manufactured prior to having your teeth extracted and will then be placed over the extracted sites.Immediate dentures are now often the treatment of choice as most people do not wish to be seen without teeth in the mouth.You can alsohave your teeth extracted ,wait for the gums to heal and then have a dental platefitted.Sometimes this is also very good to let the gums settle down beforeplacing a denture on them. steps in creating an immediate denture are : You begin by having some Alginate impressions of the jaw taken.A plaster model is    then made from your impression shape/ impressions taken are an exact replica of whats in your mouth.Each tooth on the model is cut off and an artificial tooth is put in its place ,if you want you can have the same shape and colour of your own teeth or you can pick another colour and shape. The immediate denture can mimic your own spaced or overlapping teeth but you must ask for this or it  can be made without.Denture teeth used are plastic and a high impact plastic pink base is needed because of stresses that will be caused by shrinking gums and movement.  Initially the denture will feel large and bulky the palate can be made thinner if a high impact denture plastic is used that will help a lot.These dentures are rarely comfortable when first put into your mouth and will require a series of adjustments to reduce tightness to make them more comfortable as well as making sure you have the bite correct.Often a soft tissue conditioner is placed inside them after a few days to make them more comfortable and help with the healing of your tissues sometimes this is repeated many times over the next 18 months.  The denture will continue to feel ill fitting over a period of 18 months this is due to rapid shrinkage of the underlying bone in your mouth where your teeth were extracted,this is normal and everyone must and does go through this process and thats why a tissue conditioner is used to fill in the spaces that are created and to refit and make the dentures more comfortable. At about 2 yrs you can have new dentures made or can have a permanent reline ( refitting of denture base ).Sometimes at 12 months you can have a permanent denture reline also.

Author: Prabhu Varma

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