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Dental Dentures: The Whole Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth

Insider Information For People Seeking Dentures.            

  1.  You might be wondering why at first glance quality dentures appear quite costly. You might also be wondering how to get the best dentures and how to tell if the denture is being made from the best materials.This article is written to provide the general public with information not normally available to them. This is particularly important for people who are looking for a denture manufacturer and those with a limited budget. If you have a limited budget for dentures then you cannot afford to be without this information.
  2. Dentures are individually custom made prosthesis. They are literally hand made crafted articles. Each individual denture tooth has to be cut and positioned precisely by hand. You can imagine how time consuming this process is and what a personal thing a denture becomes. It’s a bit like a made to measure suit or dress that is for you alone and absolutely of no use to any other person on planet earth. The entire process involves specialist skills and artistry, by a dental denture professional who has undertaken extensive study and clinical dental training that takes many years to complete. Each denture replaces missing natural teeth and associated soft tissues. However, most people have no reason to think beyond that point.
  3. Please also be aware of the following information: The average denture is worn every day, day in and day out for a period of anywhere between 5 to 10 years. The denture itself has to artificially replace anatomically missing dental structures and survive in one of the most hostile environments in the human body. Not only is the denture subjected to the severe biting and grinding forces, but also to shearing forces.  In addition to that, the dentures are constantly under attack from acids and bacteria in the mouth. Dentures facilitate speech as well as digestion and support the structure of the lower third of the face. Everyone thinks of a nice smile but that’s just one small part of the importance of a denture.
  4. Considering all of the above points, a denture is probably one of the most cost effective items that you will ever invest in during your life.Yes it is an investment, an investment in your health and wellbeing as well as all the social benefits. If money is no object buy the cheapest denture that you can find as you can always buy another one later. If you have a limited budget don’t waste your money that you cannot afford to replace. Read the information above again, if you get a quality denture it will last a long time. The biggest and most important part of any denture is the denture teeth that are used to fabricate the denture. Cheap poor quality denture teeth will wear down very quickly and you will need to replace the complete denture. If the denture has been made with high quality denture teeth, even if the contour of the mouth changes and the denture becomes loose over a period of time, the denture can be relined. So having a quality denture will actually will work out cheaper in the long run.
  5.  So how can you tell if someone is providing you with a quality denture? Armed with the information that I am sharing with you, nobody will be able to pull the wool over your eyes. Most dentures have a base made from acrylic, that’s the pink part of the denture. There are many different types of acrylic; the strongest acrylics are classed as high impact acrylics. So you first question should be, is the denture made with a high impact denture base? The next question should be about the denture teeth being used. Again denture teeth come in many different ranges of quality.Other quality denture teeth manufacturers exist it’s just a question of what you prefer. Why not ask to see the teeth and different types of teeth. The third question might be asked if you were having a chrome cobalt denture. Again chrome cobalt alloys vary widely in quality.There are medically pure alloys that do not contain beryllium or nickel. Cheaper alloys do contain those constituents and many people have allergic responses to nickel,ask to see a data sheet for the chrome alloy and then check for nickel.   
  6.  To get the best options visit a Clinical Dental Technician/ Direct Denture Maker or a Denturist, they are the dental denture professionals that actually both manufacture and fit dentures. They are the very best placed people to discuss the materials with you, they can show you the materials and teeth. Don’t forget the questions to ask remember a cheap poor quality denture will not last very long and you will end up wasting money that you can little afford. Most Clinical Dental Technicians/ Direct Denture makers and Denturists will have a range of options that you can choose from and will be only too happy to sit down with you and explain the features and benefits of each option. Your new denture is an investment, it’s not something you purchase every day. So make an informed decision based on the facts. If the person you are talking to cannot answer the above questions, then go somewhere else! 

Author: Stephen Judge

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