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Career Education

Introduction to the profession

Whether rich or poor, we all need the services of a denture maker at some time in our lives.

Professional denture makers are specifically trained and educated in the skills and knowledge needed to provide denture services to the community.

Choosing a career in denture making

Services provided by professional denture makers include dentures, crowns, implants, bridges, orthodontic appliances, anti-snoring devices, and more. So as a qualified denture maker you have many choices and can specialize in any of these fields.

Denture making is a profession that will strengthen you on multiple levels:

  • You will learn oral anatomy and pathology, medical and dental conditions
  • Technical constructive procedures for all dental appliances
  • Your fingers will be taught agility, and your eyes trained to focus and concentrate
  • Your artistic skills will be developed along with your patience
  • You will be taught to think outside of the square as there are always solutions to be found.
  • The science of dental materials will amaze you
  • Your workmanship, quality, pride, compassion, dedication, ethics, independence and more will be developed

If all of the above is what you would like to do with your life, please select your country above.