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DENTAL DENTURES: A few Denture Research technical Smile Secrets

Generally speaking most DENTURE WEARERS are happy if they have FULL UPPER DENTURES.They can also be happy with a Partial Upper Denture made with a large plastic BASE.The reasons:

  • Upper dentures with large plastic bases can actually seal themselves on the border ( edge ) and create a suction action which stops them from falling and shifting around in the mouth.
  • Some Upper dentures can fit so tight, they are hard to remove.

Generally speaking most DENTURE WEARERS are very challenged when they have FULL LOWER DENTURES.They can even be challenged when wearing a PARTIAL LOWER DENTURE.The reasons :

  • Lower dentures have much smaller plastic bases this is so because your lower gums are much smaller, they do not seal on the borders (edge) and they do not have suction.Stability is further compromised by jaw muscles, tongue, lips and cheeks which want to dislodge the denture also.

Please tell your Direct Denture maker/Denturist/Dental prosthetist if your lower denture causes you distress.The solutions for making a lower denture perform better are :

  • A special DENTURE IMPRESSION TECHNIQUE can be used when taking the lower impressions.They call it a Muscle trimmed Impression ,which means while your imp is being taken your lower mouth muscles of the tongue,cheeks lips are activated.This increases STABILITY in the lower denture.
  • The bite alignment needs to be correct this increases stability.
  • You need to ask Am I chewing correctly .Lots of people really have never been shown !! It makes you understand the mechanics of dentures ( How they work best ) Your ability to understand gives you skill and confidence to increase the stability and be a successful lower denture wearer.
  • Lower dentures need to be MAINTAINED , they call this DENTURE RELINING which means they need to be kept fitting very well.Lower gums can get very flat from shrinkage and you need constant monitoring as to when do they need relining from your DENTURE PROVIDER.Every 12months check-up needed.
  • Sometimes a permanent soft comfort lining can also increase stability in that you can sometimes increase the depth of the lower denture without hurting. ie making the denture have a bigger base helps keep it in place - less movement.
  • Lower dentures can also be made to snap on to Implants in your gum .That fixes stability but it does come at a price.


Author: John Taylor

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