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Dental DENTURES:Why Replace Lost Teeth With dentures

As a dental denture provider for many years I often am faced with a patient who is questioning why they should replace their lost teeth.

  • I usually begin my explanation by telling them that dentures do not replace their natural teeth but rather replace the absence of their natural teeth.
  • Dentures are artificial replacements for the natural teeth which allow the normal function of the body to continue on in a manner as close as possible to that of their natural teeth. These normal functions are often times impaired by the loss of natural teeth when it comes to eating, speaking and frankly looking good. 
  • Dentures are an artificial extension to your body and as such are as sophisticated as any artificial or prosthetic arm or leg etc. Dentures are an oral prosthesis and require patience, determination and compliance working along with your denturist to obtain the maxium success.
  • Your denturist will work along with you to help you achieve that success because he or she is just as anxious for you to succeed as you are and they have the answers to your success in most instances.
  • One of the biggest mistakes a new denture wearer can make is seeking advice or answers to problems from friends or relatives. They can only draw on their own experience which may be completely different than your dental problem.

  Bring your dental problem to the denture professional your denturist / dental prosthetist/clinical dental technician.

Author: Austin J. Carbone

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